CLEARANCE 3 PCS Tall Animals Giraffe Cat Zebra Elephant Hand Carved Animal Decor

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*3 Pieces included per Set*
 - 3 Dimensional Hand-Carved Wooden 
Assorted Tall Animal Sets 


Incredible art pieces crafted from solid Albizia wood!
Hand-carved sustainably-sourced albizia wood transformed into beautiful tall animals!
In a combination of vibrant acrylic paints and stains, each animal is personalized by hand before being mounted to a wood base. 
(Cat variety are self-standing, no base included)
These sculptures are a beautiful addition in any home, office, display table, and make a wonderful gift
Materials & Measurements:
Material: Solid Albizia Wood
Finish: Acrylic Paints / Wood Stains 
Height Pc 1(Base to Head): 23" 
Height  Pc 2 (Base to Head): 31" 
Height Pc 3 (Base to Head): 40" 
Height Pc 1(Base to Head): 40" 
Height  Pc 2 (Base to Head): 48" 
Height Pc 3 (Base to Head): 60" 

*Measurements are approximate and will vary due to the nature of handicraft products
Superficial imperfections such as a knot or splits may be present in all solid wood pieces.
This is a natural occurrence in wood carvings
The natural woodgrain will affect the color of each carving*