Driftwood Heart Mirror

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Nature found driftwood pieces come together to create an iconic display in the form of a stunning Heart shaped mirror.

Each piece begins with a hand drawn & cut base.

4mm thick mirror glass is then hand cut and adhered to the base

Driftwood is then chosen at random to create the beautiful final outer layer to our double-heart mirrors.


A terrific addition to any room, office, or patio


Each heart is individually crafted by hand from start to finish


All naturally sourced driftwood used is free formed without use of stains / dyes.

As such, no two pieces will look exactly alike.





Materials & Measurements:
Cross material: Genuine Driftwood
Finishing color(s): Natural
 Length (Left to Right) : 23"
Width (Front to Back): 3"
Height (Base to Top): 22" 

*Measurements are approximate*
Superficial imperfections such as slight variations in color and shape are to be expected with hand-made items.
Driftwood Heart Mirror
Driftwood Heart Mirror
Driftwood Heart Mirror
Driftwood Heart Mirror