Bamboo Rainstick

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High Quality Bamboo hand decorated rainsticks!


Each rainstick is crafted from a slice of bamboo, filled with free form beads and wrapped in rattan on opposing ends.


Soothing acoustics play out as beads "rain down" over 20 bamboo dowels in a spiral fashion throughout the bamboo.


Finally, each rainstick is adorned using vibrant acrylic paints creating beautiful aboriginal dot art patterns.



Finished in a gloss shine, they are as beautiful as they are melodic!


Compliments any instrument collection, & be sure to view our store for matching set of maracas, didgeridoos, & boomerangs!





Materials & Measurements:
Base material: Bamboo, Rattan, Free Form Beads
Finishing color(s): Acrylic paints and finished in a Gloss Shine
Diameter: 2.25"
Height (Base to Top): 40"
*Measurements are approximate*
Superficial imperfections such as a slightly protruding dowel, & variations in color and paint imperfections are to be expected with hand-made items.
Bamboo Rainstick
Bamboo Rainstick
Bamboo Rainstick
Bamboo Rainstick
Bamboo Rainstick